Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Competitive Blessings

"Saying Grace" is a controversy around our table. Our daughters' friend join in the competition as well. I do not know if this is common or if our daughters' behaviour is spreading. They argue over who asks the blessing, which blessing and the pronunciation of "Amen." They even bicker on whether the blessing is "said" or "asked." I am glad they say the blessing though. Today I heard the Chipmunk singing to her dollies, "Lullaby, and goodnight, may your supper be blessed."


Homeschool Planet

Well, what started this summer as a blog dedicated to two of my hobbies (gardening and cross stitch) has now been taken over by homeschool. Where did I get all that time this summer? I still hope to garden and stitch, but have rearranged my priorities for the school year (and beyond?). My husband and I have 2 daughters: For privacy,I will call them Nutmeg and the Chipmunk. They each have dozens of nicknames, but these will serve here. Nutmeg just turned seven and is in first-and-a-half-grade. She enjoys swimming, ballet, drawing, writing secret messages, and listening to great books on her ipod. The Chipmunk is three 1/2 and is hanging on the back of my chair repeating "I want chocolate milk!" over and over in different voices. My husband says she laughs like a chipmunk. Maybe he knows. She certainly scampers all over faster than I can keep up! We live in a small town in the mountains, and we drive all over for ballet, swimming, and music. I do not think I could define my homeschooling philosophy. Nutmeg is much more organized than I and helps keep me on track. Her schedule curriculum is something like this
First Language Lessons2, Saxon 2 Math, Prima Latina, Explode the Code, and The Story of the World 3. Science is the hardest one to figure out right now. That should be a whole other post. We are experimenting with other products: Spelling Workout B, Wordly Wise, a geography program, etc. I really learn alot from the curriculum message boards at, and hope to contribute something to the homeschooloing blogosphere in my own small way.