Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello, Stitching Friends! Is it freez-y cold where you are? We have had several winter storm warnings, but only a bit of ice and not a single flake! The winds are cold coming off the mountains, and I have been stitching or playing Settlers of Catan with the family. Hektor has not been happy that he alone must go out into the cold to do his business.

This week I started "A Pennsylvania Bird" by Elizabeth's Garden. I had no idea about this designer until I saw the charts pop up on e$ay while searching for Carriage House Samplings.

I have not quite finished the Mary Beale I was working on - I just really do not want to do that last wing on the angel. Maybe I can force myself to work on it sometime this weekend. After all, the reward for finishing a piece is to start a couple new ones, right? ;)


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Glory of the Lord

I still have not fixed the wonkiness on this blog, so please bear with me. I did start a new blog which focuses on preparations for my Sunday School class. Today's post is about making felt and wood saints for Bible story presentations.

I really have not been stitching much since the first week or so of December. I may have finished a few more ornaments, but that was it. Last night I picked up the Mary Beale piece I started before Christmas, and the needle felt odd in my hand!! I am going to do what I can to get "back in shape" with a long afternoon of stitching! LOL