Saturday, May 30, 2009

Live Mocha

I added three more resources on the left under Nutmeg's Curriculum. Live Mocha is a free, internet language learning program. My mother has been using it to learn Spanish. Nutmeg is really enjoying the German exercises. Sometimes we are asked to review oral or written submissions from members learning English.



Sarah said...

Another great website to learn languages for free will be

The website is not ready yet but will be live around June 15th, but you can go ahead and pre-register.

It will have similar features as LiveMocha but the lessons were prepared by the American Council on the teaching of Foreign Languages, so the methodology will be for sure effective for the learner.

Adela said...

If Nutmeg or Buttercup are interested in learning Spanish, you should definitely check out There are at least 45 videos with quizzes and homework and they are all free and taught by a certified teacher. I am taking the English lessons at the Spanish version of the site and I think I have learned a lot. Let me know what you think!