Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have not stitched much lately, and I have missed it. Yesterday I tried to finish up this little design. It is a freebie from Waxing Moon. I do not have the right gray to finish the wing, so it will join the other projects in need of a button or two before they can be come autumn pinkeeps.

I just got the Avon Butler Bag in the mail today. I am pretty excited. Since I do not see a 165$ Butler Bag in my future, I thought I would try one for 20$. The inside is fantastic. You can see how much stuff I already have in it, and there is plenty of room for a book, an umbrella, water bottle and snacks. The outside of the bag...well, let's just say it screams "$19.99." El cheapo! I knew it was vinyl, but I did not realize how thin it would be. It looks like it would tear easily. Still, it was $20, and I really needed something to help me stay organized when I am getting the girls from place to place. This is a "mom bag;" if I were on a date with my husband, I would bring something else!

I saw a really cute autumn design in the September Gift of Stitching Magazine. It has pinkeep potential! There is also a nice article about Scottish samplers and two Scottish sampler patterns. I love Scottish Samplers! I drool over the ones in the Sacarlet Letter catalogue! Terrie, I will be by to pick up Agnes Scott soon, I hope!

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Jennifer said...

oh my goodness, that is organized! It looks pretty good in that picture. I don't even know what a Butler bag is so you are a step ahead! My husband calls my totes, buckets. LOL He'll say, is it in the bucket?
Seriously, I have several totes because I can carry alot of stuff to work in them. That may have something to do why my shoulder is messed up to. I can't carry the heavier ones now. If I emptied mine, I'd have stuff normal folks don't carry like stethoscope, drug handbooks, research studies on women's health stuff and lunch snacks. Along with cross stitch projects too. LOL
I may also have some pens with drug companies names on them which are not typical such as vaginal gel, etc. LOL
Oh, well, I size down to go out with hubbie.

Nancy said...

I love your crow on the pumpkin - those Wasing Moon freebies are so cute! Enjoy your new bag!

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching!

Cool bag! I'm like Jennifer, I don't know what a Butler bag is! My bags come from TJ Maxx--that's about as designer as I get. LOL