Monday, May 3, 2010

Daybook 3 May 2010

Outside my window.... "And we will walk and talk in gardens all misty-wet with rain..."

From the learning room.... This week we start the digestive system, and we will study Alexander the Great and his legacy.

In my stitching basket.... Yes, I think I might actually stitch this week! I want to make more progress on "Mary, Queen of Scots." DMC 498 should brighten this grey day.

From my bookshelf.... I have been reading up on the historical figures I am teaching the girls about...I look wistfully at "Under the Tuscan Sun," and "Katherine of Aragon," by Jean Plaidy...

I am hearing.... The raindrops mixed with the sounds of Nutmeg's violin and piano playing.

From my kitchen.... We started the week with wholegrain blueberry muffins. Apparently, blueberry muffins are a "Nancy Drew breakfast."

I am thankful for.... the girls' dance opportunities. It was a long weekend full of rehearsals and recitals, but we have beautiful pictures and memories.

I am pondering.... the Communion of Saints and what it means to be a part of One Body.



Margaret said...

Beautiful garden and beautiful stitching too! I love reading historical fiction, so I'm with you there. Your girls are so lovely -- seeing those recital pics brings back memories. My daughter is in her second year of college now, but she was dancing in recitals right up to graduation! She still dances at college too!

KarenV said...

Another historical fiction fan here :) Your girls look so pretty in their ballet outfits!

Siobhan said...

Add me to the historical fiction fan base! I know it's not older history, but Margaret had recommended, "Alice I Have Been" & I've been enjoying it. It's about the Alice who inspired Lewis Carroll to write the Alice in Wonderland stories. I'm a bit creeped out by Lewis Carroll but otherwise, it's a very good story. Prince Leopold, one of QVictoria's sons, is a character in it.

Great pics--your daughters' dancing pics are wonderful! Love your MQoS progress, too.