Thursday, September 23, 2010

W'burg Lady and My Ladies

My in-laws left about an hour ago, and I am trying to get the girls back to Latin and math. It is not going so well, so I thought I'd escape to the blogosphere! I made some progress on my version of "Williamsburg Lady" by Historic Stitches. I stitched some a couple of evenings while we introduced my in-laws to the "Foyle's War" detective series.
Yesterday we went antique/junkin'. This is how Nutmeg goes Junkin'!
On Monday, we all went to Brasstown Bald, which is the highest point in Georgia. The visitors' center has some really nice, informative displays, so this was definitely a homeschool trip!
The wedding was beautiful, although it was swelteringly hot! I am rather proud of this picture of Buttercup and my niece, BabyCakes.

Well, I need to go "put the grip" on Buttercup, as my parents say.

On another note, our 14-year old dog, Ursa, is having a terrible time. We are vegetarians, but we of course feed our obligate carnivore pets regular pet food. Ursa is half deaf, half blind, and half crippled, but wave a bit of the rotisserie chicken (we got for my in-laws) - and she can haul some tail across the house! Who knew that it could work such wonders! I guess I will be buying rotisserie chicken now!

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Jennifer said...

Your stitching is beautiful!

Love the pic of the girls, very professional and pretty.

Yes, Ren at only table food at that age and older. The vets tell you not to give them anything but pet food but my sister in all swears by only table food with her dogs and they live to be old.
I've gone through McDonalds to get Ren a hamburger before....LOL


Michele said...

We used to have three large dogs. (the 3 year-old was hit by a car, and the 15/16 year old went off to die) Anyway, the healthiest they were was when they were eating what the hunters left of their deer at the river. We saved a ton of money on dog food! The dogs were positively glowing with health. And my yard looked like a charnel house!

Margaret said...

Love your WIP! And the pictures of everything -- wonderful! Buttercup and her cousin are so cute!

Tanya said...

Oh I love a good rotisserie chicken !! Lovely pics :)


Siobhan said...

That last pic of the girls is adorable! I have a pic of my now 16 yr old daughter at her aunt's wedding when she was just 3 years old. It remains one of my most favorite pics of her. I like your older daughter's take on shopping, too!! Bring a book and hunker down! :)

My Duffer Sam gets holistic/all natural dog food (ie, the expensive stuff!) because of food allergies, but he's the same as your pup--he RUNS when he smells some chicken!