Saturday, January 15, 2011

Red and Purple?

For three whole, entire days I really believed I was going to work on Agnes until either she was finished or my fingers bled. I thought she was the most beautiful design in the world and could fulfill my every stitching desire. And then I came upon this freebie from Heartstrings Primitives and I was seized with a desperate longing to stitch purple and red together. And mismatched greens. And blues and other purples. And a weird mustard-y-brown.

The story of this little sampler is AMAZING! Why do these things not happen to me? ;) At any rate, I am stitching Unna von Bergen 1869. My color scheme is even more lurid than the original being that I cannot properly read a chart. *sigh* But I don't think it really matters; it is the sheer gutsy-ness (am I making up words or just spelling them wrong?) of these colors mixed together that astounds.

Here is little Nutmeg curled up under the warmest blanket in the house drinking ----COFFEE!? I need to have a word with Louisiana Man!

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Hazel said...

That's a lovely one. I have that saved for the future. Nutmeg looks cute snuggled up there and with coffee too.. how very grown up! x

DebbieSFL said...

But at least she is reading a great book!!

Brigitte said...

A great project. And I love red and purple together.