Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of 'Susan Rambo.' I'm not sure why I felt the need to change some of the DMC colors, because now it seems I am constantly adjusting!
I am blogging right now because this little angel is now sitting at the table refusing to eat her lunch because it is 'horrible poison.' Ahem.
Nutmeg received the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday. It was a beautiful Easter Day! I somehow managed to take a few pictures of my daughters and nieces without smears of chocolate!

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Deb said...

Your Susan Rambo is coming out wonderfully, and I love the changes that you've made. Will you post the changes?

Beautiful picture of the Communion. Glad that you were able to get a picture without chocolate. What a blessed day!

Jennifer said...

Oh how sweet! They are so precious, Michelle!

Loving to watch your progress on Susan!

Take care,

TeresaB said...

What a great picture of the girls. Congrats on her first Communion.

Another beautiful Susan R. coming along. I hope you'll share the changes you're making.

The Sampler Girl said...

Beautiful pictures!!


Michele said...

love Susan! It's coming along nicely.

The girls look so pretty! Congrats on first Communion.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Confirmation!

Just keep plugging along on your stitching. Changing colors or not, it'll come along if you just keep at it.

You're poisoning Buttercup? Inconceivable!

Margaret said...

Susan looks great! I love the communion picture -- how cute is that!

Sylvia said...

Great progress on Susan Rambo.

Beautiful picture of your girls.

Nancy said...

I love that sampler! I just saw it on another blog and thought the colors and design were so cheerful! Cute picture of the girls.

Mr Lonely said...

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Suzanne said...

I love the progress on Susan, she is looking great.

Congratulations to your daughter on her Confirmation. It's so lovely that little girls can still wear a beautiful white dress and veil where you are. They have begun discouraging that in our church as they believe it's too old-fashioned and much too expensive for parents.

Karoline said...

Susan is looking gorgeous and congratulations to your daughter on her first communion