Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Quick Beach Stitch!

Can you tell I am in beach mode? ;) It won't be long now!
This morning while listening to Nutmeg practice violin, I finished this summer freebie by Tanya The Sampler Girl. Stitching to a metronome is not pleasant!
This is a 2011 freebie available on her blog. Tanya left the fabric and fibers up to the stitcher, so I chose WDW: Pebble, Cinnabar, GAST: Mountain Mist, Sea Spray, Bayberry, and DMC: 950, 3862.

Here is a photo of a super-yummy cake I had this weekend at a friend's birthday cookout. She got the recipe from a recent M@rth@ Stew@rt magazine. It was a big hit with adults and children alike! In fact, My Louisiana Man said that next year he wants it for his birthday cake! GASP - He is changing from yellow cake with chocolate frosting to something new and different? What was in that cake? :)

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gracie said...

nice choice for the beach do you plan to finish it?

The Sampler Girl said...

Hey fast fingers!! Beautiful :)


Catherine said...

Cute finish!!

Siobhan said...

Lawsie mercy, I can't believe I've missed three of your posts!! I know I'm behind on blog reading but yikes. Nice to catch up, though! That design is sooo cute! Love the cake, too.