Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coffee & Stitches

Growing up, I was not especially keen on coffee. 14 1/2 years of marriage to Louisiana Man has done much to change that! Louisiana Man makes coffee so thick and dark it looks like pipe sludge. My newest start will look beautiful (one day) framed in my coffee nook with Paulette's coffee freebie.

I was feeling so confident after finishing a WIP, 'The Mermaid,' that I dug around and found 'Mary Queen of Scots' (sans alphabet) by Papillon. I emailed and requested the french version of Mary's motto. It is so pretty! Why, oh, why did I ever put it down?

I am itching to start both the above and the below designs from Brenda Keyes' Traditional Samplers. I checked it out from the library 2 weeks ago. I haven't started either yet, so I might need to recheck it or purchase a used copy somewhere! The colors in my pictures aren't great, but trust me, both have beautiful color combinations!

I am also working on kitting up some small travel-sized projects to take along now that the girls' activities have started. Nutmeg was asked to join her dance school's competitive dance team. One mom told me they spent 12 hours one day at competition. Sounds like stitching time for me!!

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Michele said...

love your new start, I need that chart!

Giovanna said...

That coffee design is one of my favourite LHNs - great start!