Friday, July 15, 2011

Progress and Giveaway Link

Why did I choose a design with so much stinkin' blackwork? I hate the backstitch family, but I keep being seduced by blackwork! Argh! Nutmeg calls this "the one with naked people with sprouts growing out of their bodies."

Here is my former progress on 'The Mermaid Sampler' by CHS. I don't remember when I started this or why I stopped, but I plan to finish it during an upcoming beach trip.

I planned to hang it in Nutmeg's bathroom. She seems to want an ocean theme, but I would like to gently steer her away from her dolphin shower curtain toward a more vintage feel. I must tread very carefully here! Yesterday, she turned her nose up at this design, and said she much preferred Prairie Schooler's 'M is for Mermaid." Well, that shows excellent taste, but I don't have that fabric on hand!

Shenandoah Sampler is having a giveaway on her blog - check it out! :)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday, I finished up the date and a few leaves on 'Ann Pennsylvania Peacock'. I have drooled over this design for years, and she did not disappoint! I love the combination of colors, and who could resist that paper face? I made plenty of mistakes, especially pulling the striped band in the middle of the house too tightly, but it will all be alright, I'm sure. I used the called-for threads, but I changed the fabric to 32 count.

I am in two minds about stitching the names on samplers. Of course this design is not a reproduction. I like stitching my own name on my own work! But sometimes the name really is part of the design. This design solved the problem by leaving a space for my initials before the phrase "her work for Ann." I really loved that!
Last night I started a design I have been considering for years. I actually hunted it down on eb@y, after having seen it in an old JCS of my mother's. I wasn't sure that I liked the verse, but it is growing on me. My favorite bit is the little people. It says 'men' on the chart. Whether they are men or women, I still felt a little silly stitching THAT particular eyelet. Ahem. I have stitched 1/2 a dozen naked little A&Es, and stitched their little nipples without batting an eye, but a crotch eyelet? LOL! But Darlene O'Steen is the Master (or Mistress, if you prefer) so it must be alright! ;)

For years, before I had my own stash, I spent countless hours poring over my mother's old 80s cross stitch charts and magazine. I have found (and added to my own stash) many timeless treasures such as designs by Prairie Schooler and Darlene O'Steen. I feel like I am so far behind, not only because I am just now finishing to "Ann PP," but also I have so many older charts I wish I had done decades ago!

I may have already gotten beach stitching out of my system. ;) I pulled CHS 'Margaret Mailey' out of one of my many large and overwhelming WIP piles. I plan on stitching her during our upcoming beach trip. But I will take a couple other pieces just in case I feel fickle.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to the Beginning

Do you see the differences between the first two pictures? 3 buttonhole stitched flowers, 3 eyelets, a bird beak, and 2 initials. That's it. That's what has been holding this up for....4 years! Wow!
This morning, I finished off a freebie beach design from The Sampler Girl. As I stitched, I thought about the very beginning of this blog I named The Striped Rose. I began this blog as a place to show off a H@rry P@tter freebie designed by The Sampler Girl in 2007.
Click here, and scroll down for my very first post which is also my very first Sampler Girl post
As I continued to stitch, I began thinking how familiar the combination of greens was, and realized GA Mountain Mist and Bayberry were originally purchased for this Blackbird Designs chart.
Here is the link to my start on 4 years ago!!!

I blame it on those pesky buttonhole stitch flowers; they terrified me then.

Today, they took a total of about 5 minutes.

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Another Quick Beach Stitch!

Can you tell I am in beach mode? ;) It won't be long now!
This morning while listening to Nutmeg practice violin, I finished this summer freebie by Tanya The Sampler Girl. Stitching to a metronome is not pleasant!
This is a 2011 freebie available on her blog. Tanya left the fabric and fibers up to the stitcher, so I chose WDW: Pebble, Cinnabar, GAST: Mountain Mist, Sea Spray, Bayberry, and DMC: 950, 3862.

Here is a photo of a super-yummy cake I had this weekend at a friend's birthday cookout. She got the recipe from a recent M@rth@ Stew@rt magazine. It was a big hit with adults and children alike! In fact, My Louisiana Man said that next year he wants it for his birthday cake! GASP - He is changing from yellow cake with chocolate frosting to something new and different? What was in that cake? :)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


It is way past my bedtime, but I just had to finish this design! I have been looking at this free chart by The Sampler Girl since 2005!!
I was trying to go for a faded palette, but I may have gone over the top with the purple. Ah, well. I used GA Bayberry, GA Raspberry, DMC 3866, OWS Virtue Teal, and CC Plum Paisley.

Good Night!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Projects

I just finished the final stitches on 'Land of the Free.' Well, I have not decided where my initials will go. If I were clever, I would try to frame it in this wreath that has been hanging under my mantel.
This design is the perfect size, by the way. It is small, but includes several specialty stitches.
If you can get a hold of a copy of "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady," I know you will be inspired. I have seen this book on several homeschool blogs where the ladies display a page of this book for the children to look at during the day. This is the a facsimile of a 1906 natural journal with paintings, verses, and records of things seen each day of the year.

Here is an update on my ongoing Pantry Project. So far, I have cleared out all my seasonal candles, potting soil, and Mod Podge to make room for all these glass jars from W@l-M@rt and T@rget. My plan is to have super-cute matching labels for each jar. I am also eyeing more baskets to keep paper products, grab-and-go snacks, etc.

This is my training ground for The Ultimate Organizing Project - The Craft Closet!

Baby Steps! ;)

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, USA!!!

For my patriotic stitching today, I began Blackbird Designs' 'Land of the Free' from the July 2011 Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. The design calls for Belle Soie with no conversion given, so I just pulled colors from my overdyed cotton collection. So far I have used WDW Scuppernong, WDW Blue Jeans, WDW Raspberry, WDW Cinnabar, GAST Harvest Basket, and CC Whatley Woodlands stitched on 32 ct antique ivory. I have stitch many Americana designs over the years, but I have given them all to my mom. I am thinking about keeping this one for myself. ;)
I think I have gotten over my APP block. I can see the finish line - which is probably the real reason for starting a new design today.

It has been a thundery, steamy 4th down here in the 13th Colony. The girls were heartbroken that they did not get to swim. We made a double batch of Ri$e Kri$pie Treat$, and we played a game of Ha$$y Po$$er Clue. It is definitely more complex than the old Clue with some clever twists.

God Bless America, Land That I Love!!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Seeing Red

I finished this french marking sampler from the Summer 2011 S&ANQ while I was avoiding Ann Pennsylvania Peacock. I used DMC 3831 and 356.

I think I finally found a pretty good match for the sampler thread on Ann's dress. It still stresses me though. Look at the warped band on the house. I can't decide whether it bothers me enough to actually rip it out and restitch it though!

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