Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Break?

What a week! Nutmeg was at a swim meet last weekend. The meet was held at a large university. We were all a bit overwhelmed. My very-pregnant-sister was very overwhelmed by the chlorine gas, staring waaaay down at the pools (3!), and the NOISE. Nutmeg did really well. I thought she did great to go down there and swim! I was sick with allergies on Mon and Tues, so we did not get much done. Tues was her last day at her arts academy. The end of the year festival is Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures. The time period is Baroque 1600-1750. Nutmeg's class is doing a living time-line. Nutmeg is Pocahontas. She has become obsessed with "being a real Indian." My grandmother is very obviously "a real Indian." I think she can get her home declared a reservation, but has never bothered about the paper work. Nutmeg is fascinated by that, but is having trouble understanding how the "blood" is "diluted" in successive generations. What a clumsy way to say it! Any way, Nutmeg is going to recite "Pocahontas" by Rosemary Carr Benet. (We found it in The Harp and Laurel Wreath.) It was her idea; the teacher came up with two-liners, and Nutmeg asked if she could recite a poem we worked on in the fall. Oh, here she is, reminding me we have to "felt" her treasure pouch she has been weaving in Colonial Girls. I am a bit intimidated. If it turns out well, we will take it to festival tomorrow. Surely, if I can get it off the loom..... We are getting a late start this morning. The Chipmunk is in the living room baptizing her baby dolls that she "just got born." Then they get stuffed in a bag. We are waiting for a call from my sister. My niece is due any minute!!! Maybe we will go down and do some math?



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Angela said...

Wow what a busy week! What tribe of Indians are you decended from? What a rich history to share with your daughter. I don't think you got much of a break this week but summer is coming!!