Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up

We have been busy lately! Last weekend we went to the High Museum and saw the Terracotta Army exhibit. We enjoyed it, but it just wasn't Egypt! ;) We went with some friends; you may recognize some of the above children from another blog.

We were invited to a make-your-own-pizza party. One surprise topping was black beans. They were yummy!
A friend loaned Nutmeg a few dresses, and this was her favorite. I really need to make a portrait appointment!

I received this Carriage House Samplings pattern from my mother for Christmas. I have made major progress last weekend and this afternoon. I do not have the pink threads it calls for. I actually am positive I do not have those threads because my threads are ORGANIZED! I saw a post on another stitcher's blog about her thread organization system (If that was you, please link me your blog - I want to go back and visit!). She puts her threads in snack-sized baggies with an index card. The card is what makes this brilliant because it makes the baggies stand up in the shoe boxes. My threads are the one area of my life completely organized! One has to start somewhere!
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Kristiana said...

That is a gorgeous dress! Do get pictures taken.

Nice cross-stitch too. You do the most beautiful things. I haven't stitched for awhile. I've taken up knitting scarves for the cold weather.

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

I recognize those kids!

Nutmeg looks gorgeous in the dress (she looks a lot like her daddy in that picture).

I'm working on getting so many areas of my life organized. Surprisingly enough, it's actually working!

BTW, I'm gearing up to make curriculum purchases for next school year. I'll talk to you about it soon.

Nicole said...

Hi Michelle,

I just found your blog. I love this CHS design! Are you using silk or DMC? It's beautiful!