Monday, January 12, 2009

Still here

I'm still here. I am just going through withdrawal; my camera is broken! The sunset was extra beautiful this evening. I almost cried when I saw several people in the grocery store parking lot taking pictures!

I'm snuggling my little Boo right now ("Boo" is The Chipmunk's real life nickname). While Nutmeg was at dance, The Chipmunk, Jerry and I went to K@hl's. The Chipmunk was adorable in her pink ballet outfit, and was skipping around the store catching everyone's eye. I was looking at dishes when The Chipmunk pulled me over to some kids' character dishes she wanted me to see. Then she hurled. Again and again and again. All over the DISHES! I stripped her and cleaned her up. Lucky for us, there are always extra clothes floating around our car. She was so sweet. The whole way home, we kept asking her if she was O K. "Of course," was the shaky answer.

It has been very interesting homeschooling both girls. I decided to take The Chipmunk out of pre-school and enroll her in Mommy School. She seems happy with that. She is working on the Rod and Staff preschool books.

I need to give my full attention to snuggling right now! Good night!


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Rhonda said...

Oh, I hope your little one is well very quickly and that none of the rest of you get sick!!
I'm sure you're going to enjoy having your little Chipmunk at home for preschool-it is so much fun. :)