Friday, April 17, 2009

*Garden* *Flowers*

Wish me luck as I continue my cross stitch rotation. I am really starting to see the beauty of this system: always something new, always something close to being finished. I don't know about you, but I always manage to find "hard parts" in a design. It could be a million queen stitches, or a lot of counting or thread changes. With the three day rotation, I can always tell myself, "It's just 3 days! Just stitch one length of floss, and call it a day!" With Garden Flowers by Stone and Thread, this time 'round things did not look so "hard," and I have a new finish to share! Yeah!
This is my progress on Adam Alone. The "hard parts" here are all the one-over-one words! I hate one-over-one, but it looks so good!
Here are a few more flowers. These are "Posy Pins" from the The Pleated Poppy. They came in the mail yesterday, and I wore two of them on this blue shirt. My girls loved them. The Pleated Poppy also sells Posy Headbands and Flip Flops.
This weekend, I intend to get my hands dirty outside. I have hundreds (this is not an exageration) of baby plants waiting to go outside. It is not time yet, but I need to finish up the beds. I have been saving all my egg shells, grinding them up into a fine powder and spreading them on the garden. I'm sure a bag of lime would do a quicker job, but using the eggshells makes me feel good! ;)

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