Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Semi/Retired Designers - I Beg You....

Please make digital copies of all your retired patterns available! I was reading Vonna's post this morning about searching for retired patterns. I would think a designer would rather make some money off a digital download than watch while someone else makes big bucks off of their used patterns. Now I was very happy once to make $30 on an old Sheepish Designs pattern, but I would much rather Dawn Bradford would make all her retired patterns available.

Mary Beale's older patterns are available as digital downloads on her site. Let me just tell you: I used birthday money and Christmas money, and I bought every single pattern!!!! I love them all. Before I go to bed, or when I am super-stressed, I look through the ginormous binder full of Mary Beale patterns I downloaded (legally downloaded!). Please, please, please, Dawn Bradford, let me throw my money at you! ;)


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Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Amen Michele! I have missed out on so many talented designers, mostly due to the fact that I've only liked samplers for a few years. There are so many I NEED!!! The Goode Huswife's 1798 Quaker (not sure if that's the title) is one I've wanted for forever but $80 for the book of six patterns, 5 of which I already have, is a purchase I can't justify :)