Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lessons don't always go as planned...

I don't mean to interrupt your Wordless Wednesday, but I have to share how our science lesson went this morning! (WW post is below) I thought I would be smooth this morning and do the old "universe is expanding" demonstration with a balloon and a marker. So I actually found a balloon and a marker and was all set to go. "This is what is happening to our universe," I say to my children, who are actually paying close attention. I proceed to blow up the balloon, and then it slips out of my hands and and goes shooting around the room and drops into a flacid, wet heap. Children look horrified. Then they giggle. Maybe they thought it would be fun?


Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up

We have been busy lately! Last weekend we went to the High Museum and saw the Terracotta Army exhibit. We enjoyed it, but it just wasn't Egypt! ;) We went with some friends; you may recognize some of the above children from another blog.

We were invited to a make-your-own-pizza party. One surprise topping was black beans. They were yummy!
A friend loaned Nutmeg a few dresses, and this was her favorite. I really need to make a portrait appointment!

I received this Carriage House Samplings pattern from my mother for Christmas. I have made major progress last weekend and this afternoon. I do not have the pink threads it calls for. I actually am positive I do not have those threads because my threads are ORGANIZED! I saw a post on another stitcher's blog about her thread organization system (If that was you, please link me your blog - I want to go back and visit!). She puts her threads in snack-sized baggies with an index card. The card is what makes this brilliant because it makes the baggies stand up in the shoe boxes. My threads are the one area of my life completely organized! One has to start somewhere!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Report

I am trying to decide if it is worth blogging if I have NO PICTURES! I feel completely handicapped without a functioning camera!

I decided to pull The Chipmunk out of pre-school; the Christmas program was a good finale for her. I no longer wanted to pay $230 a month to have my child come home with stories about which child was going to bring his dad's g@# to school and k#@# them all. And since when was Ch33t@h G!rls fit preschool music? Anyway, it is definitely different homeschooling 2 kids! I guess most of you already know that ;)! I do have more time now that I am not watching the clock to pick Chipmunk up at 11:45. It was always so difficult to get Nutmeg back into the groove after lunch. We are trying to meet with two other families on Mon and Wed. They have children a year younger than Nutmeg and also children Chipmunk's age. It is a mix of girls and boys. We met last week and split the older kids from the Littles and everyone had a great time. Lizzie was doing FIAR with the Littles, and they had several cooking projects. This week, one family was sick and Lizzie wanted to work with her son on his own to deal with some distraction issues. I hope we are able to meet next week to continue with the American Revolution and the FIAR selection , "The Very Last First Time."

I am using the Rod and Staff preschool series for Chipmunk, and yesterday we started Explode the Code 1. She enjoys sitting at the table and having her own books, but she also enjoys constantly talking and interupting! Nutmeg worked steadily this week on Writing With Ease, ETC 7, FLL 3, Saxon 3, Geography, Latina Christiana and a Moon unit. She started back with swimming this week, but Chipmunk had an upset tummy.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip. I am very excited, and I hope to have some form of camera so I can post some pictures!

I hope you all had great weeks!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Still here

I'm still here. I am just going through withdrawal; my camera is broken! The sunset was extra beautiful this evening. I almost cried when I saw several people in the grocery store parking lot taking pictures!

I'm snuggling my little Boo right now ("Boo" is The Chipmunk's real life nickname). While Nutmeg was at dance, The Chipmunk, Jerry and I went to K@hl's. The Chipmunk was adorable in her pink ballet outfit, and was skipping around the store catching everyone's eye. I was looking at dishes when The Chipmunk pulled me over to some kids' character dishes she wanted me to see. Then she hurled. Again and again and again. All over the DISHES! I stripped her and cleaned her up. Lucky for us, there are always extra clothes floating around our car. She was so sweet. The whole way home, we kept asking her if she was O K. "Of course," was the shaky answer.

It has been very interesting homeschooling both girls. I decided to take The Chipmunk out of pre-school and enroll her in Mommy School. She seems happy with that. She is working on the Rod and Staff preschool books.

I need to give my full attention to snuggling right now! Good night!