Saturday, July 17, 2010

Around the homestead...

I am a homebody.

I spend a whole lot of time driving little girls to their activities, and then reward myself by piddling and footling around my house. My cross stitch corner is a rather messy area in the family room. On my left, is one of the two larger bookshelves in the room. I painstakingly arrange the books in a sort of chronological order. Louisiana Man strongly disagrees with my 'system,' but since I am the one who constantly re-shelves the books... The second photo shows the shelf at my eye level where I tend to stash things I have looked at or need to look at.
I have several friends who ask me (often, repeatedly, constantly) why I don't just get rid of the books after I finish them. Finish them? Who can say they have 'finished' the works of Shakespeare or Jane Austen? Can one plumb the depths of Homer? Can one drain the cup of Thomas Hardy and cast the 'finished' book in the give away pile? Why would anyone ask an English Major why they keep 'old' books? Seriously?
Last night we played a game of Lego Minotaurus. Surely this is much more important than going out to the mall or a movie. Childhood summer memories should be full of game nights with thunderstorms and popsicles, although cleaning Buttercup's popsicle off the Lego board was tricky.
Here is some stitching progress. Although I always travel with my stitching basket, I am most comfortable stitching in my own home with the lamps I am used to. I always feel self-conscious about leaving bits of thread behind me at someone else's home or business.
I potter around in my garden several times a day. This year I decided to let the various cucurbita vines ramble at will. Here they are taking over what was some okra and both a leaf mold pile and last year's compost pile. They are so glossy and strong, I will leave them be.
This buxom beauty is 'Cuostralee.' This is the largest tomato in my garden right now, and I wanted to document it before those nasty hornworms and blister beetles are tempted.
Home improvement projects around here are sometimes few and far between, but I finally have a towel bar for the main floor bathroom. She-Girl the Barbarian, I mean Buttercup, delicately wrenched it from the wall. I found a black fleur-de-lis towel bar at Ho&&y Lo$$y, and I spray painted it cream. I hope Louisiana Man can hang it up today.
Buttercup's room needs some attention. I know her room has gotten out of hand because she is trying to take over the family room with her games. Well, at least it proved to be a good opportunity to showcase some of my grandmother's afghans.

So you see, there is more than enough to keep me engaged here. The trick is finding time for this stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to actually stay home!

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Jennifer said...

I'm a homebody too. Hubbie and I were just talking about the comforts of home. Your stitching progress is GREAT! Looking good!

That tomatoe looks like it's gonna be a good one when it ripens. Even now for Fried Green Tomatoes ;)

That afghan is beautiful.
And books, oh my, you should my corner of the basement and the books I hold onto. I understand completely.


Margaret said...

I totally agree on the homebody thing. I'd never go out given the choice. lol! And I agree on the books too. I tend to worry that our house is going to fall down with all the books we have in the house. Love your WIP - so pretty! I'm most comfy stitching at home too, but I think we all probably are. Your grandmother's afghans -- OMG!! So gorgeous!!!!! I love the one spread out on the bed especially! It looks so delicate!

Matushka Anna said...

I think our house would never fall down because the books hold it up! I have an Edward Gorey shirt that depicts a cat and a pile of books: "There is no such thing as too many books".

Lindsey said...

How right you are on finishing books. When is a book really finished? We have numerous book shelves in the house and every one is full to the max. My husband thinks I need a Kindle so we can keep digital copies of books instead and save space. I somehow don't think it would be the same as having the book in my hand and thumbing through them over and over.

Thanks for the post!