Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Bits of Real Life

It has been a while since I have posted, so here are some random images to give you a picture (ha ha) of my real life. I posted the above picture for my grandparents. That gorgeous green tomato is 'Goldman's Italian-American.' My granny (hi, Mimi) thinks it is the ugliest thing, but I absolutely love it! Mimi, show Pop this picture so he can see the tomato in the middle cup is starting to root.
Well, I was hoping to have this project all stitched up, but it is taking longer than I expected. You know how you look at a project and think, "I can have this done in 4 weeks," and then a week later, "This is huge! What was I thinking?" then the cycle begins again with "I can finish this up in a few more days."
I bought this lamp yesterday at Ho$$y Lo$$y. I always wanted a lamp with a big, fat bow, but I decided this one looked pretty classy. I just cannot stop looking at it!

The above picture is not particularly classy, but I said this was going to be about Real Life! I do not know why the cat was in the toilet paper package, nor do I know why the toilet paper package was in the parlor. So there you go.
Why is Buttercup dressed in a hot dragon costume on a 90 degree summer day? Why is there a light saber on the floor?
We spent the weekend at my parents' house. This is Buttercup's "world-famous, sit-down dive."
Buttercup and my mom spent a lot of time in the sunroom making paper dolls.

How does your life look lately? ;)

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Margaret said...

Gosh, I just love that sampler! You're really getting there on it! I know what you mean though -- I'm always thinking oh this will take no time at all, and then it takes forever! lol! Love the pics of your Buttercup!

Tanya said...

Pretty stitching! Love that dive and oh how I spent hours and hours during the summer with paper dolls ... how fun! Don't think I could convince Ben and Zack to do those. LOL


Peggy Lee said...

That's a beautiful sampler you are working on. They always take me twice as long as I thought so I stopped guestimating!
Sit down dives: my favorite kind!
Gorgeous lamp!

Matushka Anna said...

That is one gorgeous cat! Goodness knows how the TP got there but cats have some instinct for what is cozy.

Lovely paper doll!

Tracey said...

Great pics! your cat is beautiful, even if he is in the toilet paper. At least he didn't tear it up! I love your WIP- I know exactly what you mean about thinking you will finish something quickly and it takes forever- I do it all the time!

Littlebit said...

That sampler is going to be gorgeous! It always takes longer after starting a project. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for a pickle recipe..I have never made them before but would LOVE to, if I EVER get enough cucumbers. I'm too busy eating them to set any aside.