Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Name is Michele; I am a Compulsive Starter.

I am almost finished with "Sarah Harriet Stephenson" from SANQ. So what's a girl to do? I started two new projects. I think I have a problem.....
Forget counting sheep and drinking milk! I like to look through a few older issues of SANQ as I prepare to drift off to sleep. Of course, then I want to start all the samplers I see, and I stay up way too late. *yawn* The above design is "Isabella Johnstone Sampler." I don't know why I find this sampler so appealing, I mean, I don't ever remember wanting to stitch a big red cow in the middle of a band sampler before...
I also started the "Scottish Companion Sampler" from an older edition of the digital magazine, "The Gift of Stitching." The colors are much softer than they appeared in the picture in the magazine; the main green was so soft that it was really more of a soft gray. I changed it to a sampler thread I had on hand, but I am waiting to see how the other colors play out. Late last night, I realized that I left a row out of the little peacock's neck. If I were stitching with good old DMC, I would pick the stitches out. Overdyed threads are just too expensive to pick out, as well as too much trouble to put in. So I think I will be okay with little ewok-peacocks!
In other new, Buttercup's hair has gotten really long and sparkly. ;)

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Margaret said...

Your Sarah Harriet Stephenson is gorgeous!! And here I thought I could get away with not stitching that one. lol! Back on the todo list it goes! Love Isabella Johnstone too and your Scottish Sampler too. (What luxurious hair!! :D )

Deb said...

Oh, I just love your Sarah Harriet Stephenson!!! UGH! Another one to add to the list. I'm a compulsive starter too! :o) Love your other ones too. I don't know what it is about that cow but I've seen a few people working on that one!!

And the hair is gorgeous!! :o)

Brigitte said...

Hmmm Michele, I'll join you at the Compulsive Starters Anonymus group, LOL. Your starts are all very beautiful.

Melissa said...

Sarah looks wonderful, and it's almost done. What a great feeling that must be!

I love Isabella too and want to start that one soon. I need to get some floss - dmc for me rather than the silks.

I don't know the Scottish sampler so will look forward to seeing your progress.

Also caught up on seeing your sampler wall - lovely!

Siobhan said...

Love your WIPs! I don't know what appeals to me with Isabella Johnstone, either, but it does and I keep thinking about starting it!

I was in the US for a month so am waaaay behind in blog commenting, posting, emails, everything. You asked me in a comment on my blog how I manage to get my stitching done. And if it is popular here--it isn't. The plain truth of it is, I moved to a place where I have no friends or family. I get together with the neighbors once a month and keep busy with the kids & doing the paperwork (billing, payroll) for our family business... but basically, I have a lot of time on my own. I love to stitch and have something ready to go 24/7. I don't necessarily have a routine since I have kids, but I try to do all my chores/must-do things in the morning and then stitch for a bit in the afternoon. Then, after dinner, I stitch again if I can. That's it! :)

Anyway, again, love the WIPs... and I am back now obsessing over Isabella. Ack.

Jennifer said...

Great progress!!!