Monday, August 23, 2010

This and That

I always get down to one thread that I cannot find..... How could I lose a 732? You cannot stitch Mary Beale without 732!!! The above design is from Mary Beale's "Hannah" series. When I find 732, I will stitch another floral motif on each end. I thought if anyone loved me they could put some bands around it and make it into a bolster pillow. Anyone?
This is the Scottish Companion Sampler from the Gift of Stitching. (Terri, let me know when '18th Century Rose' comes in!)As I said in an earlier post, I was surprised at how pastel the colors are, but I like it. I did have to change the main green to Gentle Art's 'Bayberry' I changed the brown to Crescent Colors 'La Tierre, '(I think). The recommended shades were indistinguishably lavender-gray.

In other colorful news, we are studying the Celts this week in history. (That gray thing is a sword.) I tried to make Boudicca's, I mean, Buttercup's hair stand up with gel, but it ended up looking a bit too Jersey Shore, but hey, my introduction to hair gel and mousse was in the mid-eighties, so what can I say. There was no way I was going to try lime-water or rancid butter!

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Margaret said...

I love those pieces you're stitching! And your little one -- wonderful!

Brigitte said...

Both pieces look great.

Siobhan said...

ROFLOL at the Jersey Shore comment! Have you ever read any Barbara Erksine books? She did a book on Boudicca, I thought, or maybe the time periiod. I tried looking for it for the title but couldn't find it. I know you like England--you might enjoy her books.

Love the stitching pics! I thought 732 was changed into 733, or something like that?! I love that Mary Beale--wish she'd start designing more things.

Michele said...

Hmmm... maybe that is why I cannot find it. I do have a 733...

Do you read Mary Beale's blog? She doesn't post often.

I will check out the book recs -thanks!

Tina said...

HA! Love that Jersey hair! I'm a FL high school girl and had the pleasure of visiting NYC during my Jr. year....the big hair was AWESOME! I mean super large, super puffy, so Awesome! Love your lil' Celt.

Sounds like a great week.