Saturday, October 22, 2011

Merry Christmas, Belle Watling?

I was able to get in quite a bit of stitching this week while I was too sick to do anything else. I finished up three more ornaments for Christmas. We decorate our tree on Christmas Eve, but I was thinking of decorating an Advent Tree this year with Old Testament themes. I have been going through various Mary Beale publications and finding many must-stitch ornaments!
The story of Rahab has always intrigued me, and the above ornament is a highly stylized symbol of that Old Testament episode. It is so highly stylized that it makes me think of Belle Watling's apartments in Gone with the Wind! ;)

I enjoy Mary Beale's color schemes, although I usually hold my breath a bit as the first few garish colors meet on linen.

I have had quite a bit of stitching and tea this week, although not under the best of circumstances. Fortunately I have occasionally felt well enough to go out with the puppy and enjoy some autumn sunlight. Hope you all have relaxing, sunny weekends!

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Mindi said...

I hope you start feeling better, it seems a lot of people have come down with the crud the last week or two. I love the ornaments you stitched.

Catherine said...

Beautiful ornaments!
I hope you are feeling better.

Nancy said...

Your ornament stitching is so pretty, and I love the colors! Thanks for sharing the picture of the gorgeous Autumn scenery.

Giovanna said...

Absolutely beautiful ornaments! Congrats!

staci said...

Your ornaments will be gorgeous on your Advent tree with Old Testament ornies is a wonderful idea!

Siobhan said...

What a neat theme for a tree! Paulette released a chart with three religious ornaments--not sure off the top of my head what the Bible stories are that are on it but I think one might be Noah?? Anyway, that might work. Love the ornaments! I looooove Mary Beale's designs and just wish she'd come out with something new!