Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am slowly and gratefully getting back into a groove. For about two weeks I was sick with "a little" pneumonia and a sinus infection. I'm not convinced the sinus infection is gone, but I am feeling much better. So many things went undone; I missed a masquerade party, several of the "parent observation week" dance classes, school work, housework...

I did manage to throw a Halloween "Dessert and Charlie Brown" party. Somehow I got the house clean and went on a baking spree (I was on antibiotics, so the cookies were safe!). We did not watch Great Pumpkin; the children were too busy running around, and the adults had plenty to chat about.

There has not been much time for stitching. There has been plenty of running around making sure costumes and hair were perfect for Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! We usually go to our town square for trick or treating. We always run into so many people we know, see all the kid and pet costumes, and do not have to worry about cars and children in the dark. The "group" we were trick or treating with changed throughout the night, and our dinner reservations fell apart, but we had a great dinner with a great group of people in the end. We were seated outside, and we just about froze - thank goodness for Irish coffee! :)

I keep thinking that now Halloween is over things will slow down and get back to "normal." A quick glance at my planner shows birthday parties every weekend, orthodontist appointments, Latin quizzes, holiday gatherings, and, at some point, Christmas shopping! Somehow I need to find time for that Solomon's Temple sampler on the new SANQ!


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Catherine said...

I do hope you are feeling better! Doesn't sound fun at all - I am battling a sinus infection now and I know how awful they can make you feel.

Love the costumes and your table was so pretty!