Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Third Day of Christmas...

I know today is the 4th day of Christmas, but yesterday, on the 3rd day, I went to a LNS!!!! I told myself I was only there to buy fibers and fabric, and that's what I did. It was difficult, but it helped that 1. I had purchased a rather large pattern of the Bridget Power Sampler that morning (here's a link to a great photo, and 2. as I looked around the shop at all the stock in the store, I began thinking my stash was... well let's just say competitive.
So I settled on 4 patterns to "kit up." My husband had taken the girls with him to spend his REI gift cards. Boy, did he regret that! While I waited for him to try on every pair of 5-finger shoes in the area (with negative comments from his children), I sat down with the lady at the shop and stitched. I started "Dear Friend," a Reward of Merit by Blackbird Designs. I had to pick out every stinkin' stitch because, apparently, I cannot count! When I returned home, I started "Stitcher's Prayer" by Barrick Samplers. I have been wanting to stitch this for ages, but I couldn't find colors I liked for the flowers. Now, I'm a DMC girl, and I planned on using the DMC conversion, but 522 and 524? Sea foam flowers? I don't think so. But 931 & family weren't right; neither were 926 & family. So I told the lady at The Stitch Store, "I need heeeeellllpppp!" We pawed through and rejected the called-for Needlepoint Silk, then WDW, Gentle Arts, Caron, and Crescent Colors, and FINALLY I settled on Needlepoint Silk Williamsburg Blue 323 and Jade 522. I am willing myself not to fall in love with NPS!! ;)
Hector, my little Cookies and Cream, says hello. Why do I have a Coleman sleeping bag on the couch? Who knows?

I will leave you with a few of the pictures I have taken during Christmas. Now to get back to "Stitcher's Prayer!"

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Siobhan said...

Beautiful holiday photos of beautiful little girls! :) Love the new start. I stitched that about 5 years or so ago, maybe more, and it was only when I was done the chart that I realized (typical me) that I'd swapped the colors around by accident. LOL Good luck not falling in love with NPI--I LOOOOOVE their silk!

Deb said...

Great start on your piece. NPS are hard to resist. I say I'm not going to use them, and then turn around and do exactly that.

Such pretty pictures of the sweet girls!

Chris said...

Lovely holiday pics and helloooo Hector!
Love your new start.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What pretty photos of pretty, pretty girls! Awesome new start and I love the colors you settled on - very pretty!

Happy New Year!!

Giovanna said...

Love your new start, and what fun pictures of your girls!

Gabi said...

Your little girls are adorable. If you succeed with not falling in love with NPI give me a shout and tell me the
And sigh....why oh why did I follow that link to see how Bridget Power looks like. OHHHHHH...I'm in love now.
Your new start is most lovely too. Gorgeous colors.

Dona said...

Pretty colors you chose for your STitcher's Prayer! I have that one to stitch, too. Good luck on not falling in love with NPS!

I look forward to seeing your work on the Bridget Power Sampler. It's another on my list to stitch!