Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank you, Anne!

When I told Nutmeg we were going to study Latin, I was afraid she might balk. Instead she thought for a moment and said, "Oh, that is what Anne of Green Gables studied." And immediately, she was keen on Latin. This week I told her we were going to do formal spelling work. I told her to look at the word, say the word, spell the word out loud, then say the word again. (Nutmeg has a habit of immediately balking at anything new.) She actually got excited, "Oh, that is what Anne of Green Gables did." Maybe I should reread the Anne books. Maybe Nutmeg would like to memorize "The Lady of Shalott?" Nutmeg has an iPod filled with great children's literature. ( I can tell when she has been listening to the Anne stories. One day, I was warning her not to engage someone when they wanted to pick a fight; Nutmeg said, "If she starts then I will sweep her a scornful glance." I was a little taken aback, but thought, "she has been listening to Anne." Listening to great children's literature early and often cannot be overemphasized. We have the Beatrix Potter tales read by some wonderful actors and actresses. Nutmeg listened to them constantly when she was 2-4. One evening when she was 2.5 or 3, my husband told her it was time for bed. She calmly faced him and said, "It is time for me to watch another program, whatever you may urge to contrary." That was from "The Tale of Samuel Whiskers," and used in context! Thank you, Anne and Beatrix!



monique said...

I love it! My daughter quotes things like that, too.. isn't it wonderful?!

my5wolfcubs said...

That is great! Amazing the power of these literary characters...and our children's minds! :)
PS My oldest has an iPod, I hadn't thought about putting Librivox stuff on it for her!

Zelda said...

Oh, man! Whatever you may urge to the contrary...loving it.

Great blog!