Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World Gone Mad

My grammar is far from perfect. My writing skills are weak. I hope to improve as I go through the First Language Lessons series with my children. But will someone tell me please - who started forming all these plurals with an apostrophe? I have seen signs that advertise "taco's." I have received gifts from "The Thompson's." This week, my husband's law practice was ordering a new sign. My husband walked in on the two secretaries arguing over "Attorney's at Law." He was horrified. He suddenly had a vision that the sign was in the front with the horrible grammar gaffe -- and no one noticed!!! I live in the South; I am all for regional eccentricities. But this is not regional or eccentric. It is just strange! Will my grandchildren learn this usage as part of Standard American Written English? Will I send them card's, present's and Animal Cracker's???



Mommy Lawyer said...

Does your husband's law partner know about that "attorney's at law" gaffe? LOL. Read Eats, Shoots & Leaves - if you need a copy, I have two (to, too).

Brittney said...

You are not alone! My dh (who is studying to be an English Prof.) points things like that out all the time! I have to admit, I make that mistake sometimes. Especially with when I write "CDs". (cd's)

Thanks for the post!
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Mommy Lawyer said...

By the way, while I know the flagrant misuse of apostrophes is by accident, the thing that really gets me is misspelling things ON PURPOSE! No - I will never eat lunch at the Kuntry Kitchen or buy apparel from the Clothez Bazket. I don't find it to be either quaint or charming.