Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekly Report

We had another great week! Needless to say, we had homeschool on Presidents' Day.
Latin: We are on lesson 13 of Prima Latina. Nutmeg really loves M rs. Leigh on the DVDs!
Math: Saxon 2. We are still very happy with Saxon! The explanations are clear and you practice components of a concept before that concept is officially introduced. My husband and I are learning math like never before!
Language Arts: It is funny to me that I hated First Language Lessons last year, and this year I love it. Nutmeg enjoys the variety of the lessons.
Science: We are still doing the Savanna unit of the My World Science series. We do the lesson and then add in animal studies as recommended in The Well Trained Mind. The animals we do are of course Africa-related. This week we studied naked mole-rats. Nutmeg and I think they are adorable. That reaction is not universal. Check them out for yourself if you have not already. A eusocial mammal!!
History: We are studying India (chapter 11? of Story of the World 3). We are spending two weeks on India, because it is fascinating and there are so many great resources. I would love to do that LibraryThing that I have seen on some of your blogs for all these great India-related books, but I cannot get the HTML down. Help! Please? This weekend we will of course be going to an Indian restaurant (We hope The Chipmunk will not steal Ganesh's offering and be chased around the restaurant by the staff this time!), then to a museum that has an India exhibit. We are really looking forward to that!
Art: As you can see in the picture, Nutmeg and I are learning to knit! They were learning in her Colonial Girls' Club, so I had to stop by and learn as well. A very patient 10-year old stayed with me the whole hour and fixed my mistakes!
Music: We are still happy with Harmony Row as we approach the end of the fourth (out of six) year.
The last two pictures are from last weekend. We went to a museum exhibit called Into the Dark (see my most recent Wordless Wednesday post). Then we went to my parents' house for Interpretive Dance!!
I hope you all had great weeks as well!

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Daisy said...

LOL. Sounds like a great week.

Library Thing is pretty simple. Enter your books and tag them with at topic. Go over to the tools and pick make a widget. Pick the information you wish (how many books to show, what size, etc.) Once you've created the widget. You simple copy and paste the html code into the html page element on your side bar. Feel free to email me if you need more help. My email is in my blogger profile.

Kat said...

Isn't India interesting?! What did you think of "Bride and Prejudice" and "Monsoon Wedding?" I have been busy reading other people's weekly reports...need to get busy on my own...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on your thoughts of Saxon and FLL. LOVE Saxon and FLL is picking up for us too!;')Glad you had a great week. Your girls are pretty.

my5wolfcubs said...

Naked mole-rats? Hmmm, I'd probably fall into the "not-adorable" reaction catagory! :)
Have you seen Lagaan? That is my favorite India movie!
Lovely dancing there!
Lee (from the WTM board)

LisaWA said...

What a great week... we just re visited India a few weeks ago... Great idea to go out and eat... why didnt i think of that? argh... oh well, we still can...

Thanks for sharing your week with us.

Lisawa from WTM

Diane said...

Great week! I loved the pictures, your girls are precious.

Mommy Lawyer said...

You need to borrow that "Lagaan" cd again - great background music for your India study.

Glad you've discovered my secret identity now! Hee, hee!!!