Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Report

We have got to finish up our pond unit! This morning we went to a pond with some friends. After many threats, the kids settled into it and found tiny frogs and a beautiful dragonfly. Before that they were more interested in throwing sticks at the fish and arguing with each other!! The pond was surrounded by beautiful woods, and we were fortunate not to see any snakes! The grasses were growing into one edge of the lake, so we discussed pond succession.

Everything else was about the same this week: Saxon math, First Language Lessons, etc. I updated "Nutmeg's Curriculum on the side of the blog to include links.

I started reading Edith Nesbitt's "Wet Magic" to Nutmeg yesterday, and we are both enjoying it.

We did not "do" history this week, but tomorrow we are going to a historical landmark that is having a colonial days-type festival. I will post some pictures tomorrow afternoon.
Hope you all had great weeks!
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Kat said...

What a great way to wrap up a pond study :-) And that tiny frog...too cute!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

That little froggy buddy is too cute. That pond pic is divine - it looks all steamy and marshy. I bet it smelled like earth.