Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekly Report

Has it been a week already? These pictures are from Sunday when The Fam gathered to celebrate my husband's birthday. That is my dad and sister in the background. The Chipmunk had stepped in the cake (in its plastic container) then it melted a bit in the car. But it was chocolate, so we ate it! Nutmeg wanted to hold my niece, Babycakes, all day.
My parents took the girls home with them, so Jerry and I got to be a couple for the first time in awhile. We saw the new Indiana movie and ate Italian. Wednesday and Thursday, the girls and I really did school. I was surprised at Nutmeg's good attitude after so many days off. She was hyper though. What did you feed them, Gran?

We are far behind the history schedule that I set for us, so we will definitely have to work on that this summer. Next week will start on Wm Penn. There is a great story my husband related to me about Wm. Penn meeting King Charles II. Apparently, Wm Penn came for an audience and, being a Quaker, did not remove his hat before the king. There was palpable tension throughout the audience chamber. Ever gracious, King Charles removed his own hat. Penn queried, "Friend Charles, why hast thou uncovered?" The kingly Charles replied, "Friend Penn, we are accustomed to having only one hat in this chamber."

Ahhh. The Stuarts! Can you tell we will be covering the ousting of the Stuart monarchy a bit different than SOTW?

Well. We are still working on the Pond unit. We are going to finish it! We have been reviewing amphibians this week. My husband picked up some holds at the library for me, and the librarian asked what we would do with ourselves with only 4 books! Hmmm..

I thought I found "kin" last night at the pool. A lady was telling me that after 15 years of marriage, her grandmother did not call her (my friend's) husband by his name. She calls him "hickey." "No way!" I say. "Where is your grandmother from?" Would you believe her grandmother and my grandmother are from the same county? I located her by that one word, "hickey." I was telling my grandmother about that, and well, one hickey leads to another..."What's your hickey again?" Mimi asked. And by "hickey" I of course knew she meant my blog address. I really need to get off this hickey and go do some work in the hickey.


I hope you all had a great hickey.
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Anonymous said...

Have you looked up that particular word in the dictionary? Too funny. That cutie in the picture looks very familiar . . . . xoxo Gran