Saturday, May 10, 2008

What do you do with an itchy pirate.....

Nutmeg has hives: large, variable, itchy hives. We do not know from what and neither did the NP we saw yesterday. We are going to our pediatrician Monday. She is taking a steroid and topical cream. The hives come and go in waves which surprised me. Yesterday, her hand was so swollen you could not see her knuckles! I have been a nervous wreck. Last night they were terrible on the soles of her feet. I held ice packs there while she tried to sleep.

She still wanted to go to her piano recital this afternoon. The theme was pirates. Nutmeg is very organized:her swimming bag is already packed for next week. So my mother suggested Nutmeg had hives because I waited until the last minute to put her outfit together! I do my best work at the last minute! Well, I thought she looked great, although she was puffy. She scowled a lot, whether from the itchies or from being a pirate I don't know. She was worn out on the trip home. Mom, I really don't think I should have her out all day tomorrow. We will see how she does tonight.

I bought both granular and spray things tonight to keep that #$%& dog from digging up my flowers and roses. I put out the granular and nothing has happened yet. I started to spray, and the 14 year-old lab started licking it up and wagging his tail. So that's out...
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