Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swimming and Latin

I did not bring my camera to the swim meet yesterday. I could not believe it, neither could K and E who always forget theirs! I am notorious for taking lots of pictures of everyone's kids, then never giving the pictures to the mommies. In fact, E has been telling witnesses that for her birthday all she wants is a cd with pictures!

Well, Nutmeg did a great job at the swim meet. She shaved 4 seconds off her 25 Free. She was signed up to swim 25 Breast, and she had a fit. "I can't do it. I have never done it at a meet before. I can't I can't I can't!!!" Here is the story on Nutmeg: if she can't do it perfect the first time, (she thinks) she cannot do it. And if the situation is new or slightly different, (she thinks) she cannot do it. I bribed her with a Sprite. She swam. She did great. Then the little booger got in the other pool (for free swimming) and proceeded to do the Breast Stroke of her own volition for about 30 min. I tried to play it cool.
Michele: What is you favorite stroke?
Nutmeg: Breast Stroke.

We are still trying to stick to our summer schedule of homeschooling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have two more lessons left in Prima Latina. I *think* we may wait until the fall to begin Latina Christiana. I *think* we may try something different for the summer. I purchased the Minimus MiniBooks ( on the WTM message boards) and Lingua Latina (Amazon). I would like to spend the summer reading the easier texts and doing vocabulary flashcards from those texts. I also would like to work on memorising The Hail Mary and the Agnus Dei in Latin. That is the plan. Stay tuned.

Yes, Mom. I am taking the Pond Books off the website in a day or two, in case anyone else is as sick of looking at them as you are! ;)


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