Thursday, June 19, 2008

We are all back home! Jerry was at a conference this week, and the girls and I headed for my parents' house. While we were there, we went by Jerry's and my first home. It looks much better now! It was white with a black door and black shutters,and we planted that big tree in front. I remember thinking it would never grow. We moved May 2000. My parents have a pool, and the girls love it! Nutmeg was again begging to have a pool at our house. I always tell her we have about 2 inches of soil and then solid granite at our house and oh yeah, pools cost a lot!!! I got in the pool alone last night. It was so nice!! I cannot remember the last time I was in a pool without children. We did school on our little trip. Yes, sir! We slowly drove past a pond three times observing "pond succession." Nutmeg said if we drove past again, she would not look. It is nice to be home, but we left it in a bit of a mess. Well, a pretty big mess!

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