Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekly Report

Yesterday, my mom, two daughters and I went to The Dogwood Patch, a wonderful cross stitch store in Hiawasee. Cross stitch is alive and well in the North Georgia Mtns. There is a link in my links section. We dropped off four pieces to be framed, one to be made into a pillow and picked up some fabric from the quilt store next door. I will be posting some pictures of my works in progress later today.

We have begun our summer schedule for homeschool. We will be doing a full day of school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will also go to swim practice on those afternoons. We need to stay home and not schedule anything away from home on days we have to be at swimming. (Yesterday was an exception and so worth it!) Nutmeg has adjusted well to this schedule. Two of her friends are also on this schedule so she knows she is not missing anything fun with them! We have started First Language Lessons 3. We have 10 lessons left on Saxon 2. I hope to finish the pond unit in two more weeks and then begin Apologia Swimming Creatures. We have had two summer swim meets in the past week, so I will post some of those pictures later today also. Right now I have to get busy on a unicorn cake for The Chipmunk's birthday party tomorrow!



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monique said...

Summer school, too? You're supermom!

I just 'met' Terrie (per email and phone) from the Dogwood Patch and she is so nice! I bet your shop visits are fun :)