Saturday, July 5, 2008

I made this cross stitch for my mom for 4th of July. It is an older design from a Prairie Schooler leaflet.

We have finally begun our Ocean Unit! We have really been looking forward to this. I was apprehensive about using the Apologia elementary science series, but I think we will be fine. I want Nutmeg to be familiar with the Young Earth and Evolution theories and be able to intelligently disscus them. We don't subscribe to a theory, but view them as THEORIES! I sometimes resent that Young Earth is presented as THE Christian theory. I gave Nutmeg a quick overview of the theories and which one is presented as fact in the Zoology 2 book. She seemed unphased - "Okay, may we do the animals now?" She can discuss the difference between actual grace and sanctifying grace; her mind is certainly more supple than mine so she probably won't have a problem with science theories. She drew this adorable dolphin. We are still enjoying the Draw Write Now series.

Nutmeg and Jerry did this Myth Pocket on Friday. We do not do them regularly, just occasionally as a treat. I will be said when we are finished with this book. I wish there were books on Norse and Egyptian myths as well.
And here is my niece. Babycakes, posing for an All-American photo. See the cross stitch pillow in the background? It is unmistakably Cross-Eyed Cricket. It is dated 1985

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and remembered our soldiers who are still fighting for freedom!

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Johnnie said...

You are definitely an angel, and I love you very much michelle. Guess who? of course it is your mimi

Tanya said...

She is darling!!! I call Zack babycakes every morning - love that nickname.