Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm back !

I am pretty excited! We have our internet service back today! I just broke down - I need the internet! And when my husband called to get the service re-connected, he found out we could get internet without a full telephone package. The provider does not advertsise it, of course, and the person I talked to said no way. So here I am catching you up and then off to catch up on your blogs!

A week or so ago, we went to a science museum exhibit on - guess what - penguins! They had an area set up with a slide so the kids could slide on their penguin-suit-bellies, and a place to walk around with an egg on their feet. They loved it!

This picture says southern summer to me. My friend K and her family have a Camp Meeting every summer. They have a beautiful camp with "tents" (un-air conditioned buildings) and pews set up in the center for church services. K always invites us over, and the children play and then attend a children's church service. My husband and I were raised Southern Baptist, so along with the bible stories, they are getting some southern heritage lessons!

My Pop always wanted a boy - he got two daughters, three granddaughters and (so far) three great-granddaughters. (Okay, there are two grandsons). But I think he likes us! Right, Pop? Doesn't my little Chipmunk stand out with her blond hair?

Love, love love!

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Audrey said...

So much fun! and Welcome back! :)

Kristiana said...

I LOVE the penguin picture!!! I love emperor penguins. The last picture is so precious too. :)

Hooray for internet again!

Diana said...

That last picture is awesome!

Tanya said...

Great pictures!!!

Johnnie said...