Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am pretty satisfied with First Language Lessons 3 and will probably go on the FLL4. But I noticed that there is no instruction on paragraphs (in FLL3). So I think we will spend some time on the paragraph instruction in Rod and Staff 3. It looks really good: pick the sentence that does not belong, write the sentences in order, etc. We need to bump Nutmeg's narration/dictation up a notch, and R&S might do the trick.

Why I am I blogging at 10 am on a Wednesday? Casey (MommyLawyer's daughter) is spending the day with us. I intend to do some sort of schooling, but right now they are engrossed in the keyboard. I had them both practice piano after breakfast, and then they started experimenting with the various sounds and rhythms on the keyboard. Oh, now I am being called in for the "grand finale."


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~Angela. said...

Thank you so much for having my little goldilocks over! She really enjoyed her day with Nutmeg & the Chipmunk!