Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Report

I am not sure if it safe to say I survived this week. I have just recovered from a meltdown of my own, to say nothing of The Chipmunk's meltdowns this week. This was the first week we had everything. We could do everything when it was just Nutmeg, and we did. Now I want The Chipmunk to have the same opportunities, even though all those opportunities are 45 minutes away. I can get them to their activities, but the extras ??!?!?!?! This morning was "Water Day" at pre-school.

Of course I went. Nutmeg wanted to see some of the older siblings she went to pre-school with, and of course I wanted to see my little monkey-grabber-champion dominate the toe fishing event! This evening (right this very minute) is a swim team banquet. I got some food ready, got myself ready, and then The Chipmink had a meltdown about shoes. My parents say I should have let her wear the way-too-small shoes and learn for herself why mommy said no. But, I was and am exhausted! I said we are staying home and the girls seem fine with that. But I feel guilty. But we are supposed to say no and not do so much, right? Argh!

We did our blubber experiment and read lots of great books about Russia. We also had some timely discussions about the former soviet states. Whenever I hear someone question a young child studying history instead of "social studies/current events," I laugh. The study of history, the context of history is the only way to study social studies or current events. This week we were studying Peter the Great. Old timer, right? Dead guy, right? But that was the first time Russia had its big clash with the West!! So we talked about it - about what happened then and what is happening now. The current russian flag was first used by old Pete. Just wait til we study global warming in the context of history!! ;)

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Alana in Canada said...

Sounds like a fun week--except for the shoes.

Interesting history discussions.