Friday, August 1, 2008

"No But(t)s!"

You will have to keep reading to figure out the title.

Yes, I do have a garden this year. These are some flowers from a month or so ago. I was trying to have some "decor" like The Nester (see flashy/ing button on right side). That is a tassel I bought from her Etsy shop.
Do you grow Four O'Clocks? You should. They have huge seeds that kids like to plant. They are annuals, come up quickly and sometimes re-seed. They open in the afternoon and can be about 2 feet high or so.

Ursa molting in the Four O'Clocks

There will be no picture of the other dog today. He is in disgrace. He bit the delivery man right smack on the behind. And I said "Oh, come up here on the porch." Then ALMOST checked out the injured area - in a maternal way I assure you. I was sick with worry the rest of the day. My mom says I should be more worried about a s%xual h%rrassment suit than a dog bite suit!!! Very Funny. Don't worry, his behinney is just fine, I mean uninjured. ;) Now, from the dog's point of view, the man was just asking for it. He is the only one who does not carry dog biscuits in his truck! Another delivery service man fed the dog his french fries after he ran out of dog biscuits. He did not get bitten.
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Diane said...

Your blog is so cute, with terrific pictures! I had a fun little "visit".