Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year?!

Wow! Another year is passing away tonight. That always made me feel melancholy, as if I were losing something and could not quite let go. Now I feel that way on my children's birthdays, so I am free to enjoy New Years! I have many great resolutions - they are the same every year - exercise, cook more, play with the kids more, stitch more.... I am starting a new year of Motivated Moms tomorrow. I hope I will get further than last year.
I retool homeschool on a pretty regular basis (whimsy) so there will not be any major changes for 2009. Oh. Wait. What am I thinking? At some point I will be responsible for the education of two children! I started Nutmeg when she turned 5 even though she was still in pre-school. I am practicing with the Chipmunk now, but it she is a completely different child - different interests, different learning style. different motivations.
Science is still my problem area. All the other subjects, including history, seem so sequential. I am fairly confident that I can fit the Chipmunk in. But science? One problem is I want to do everything at once! We are doing the Apologia Astronomy (sans Young Earth). Yesterday, we read about earth's magnetic field. Well, we have not formally studied magnets, so I dragged out a magnet study. And how can you study anything if you don't know about chemistry? Everything ties into everything else. Now I will be throwing another child in the mix. We will probably do separate science programs. Maybe? I don't know. I want everything. I want an ant farm and an earthworm farm and a rock tumbler...
My wonderful parents gave me a fat and juicy Rainbow Resources gift certificate for Christmas. I placed a fat and juicy order of items for the coming year as well as several "nice to haves." Well, quite a few "nice to haves!" I ordered several human body models. I think I want them for me!
Unfortunately, my girls and anyone coming to my house gets a science lesson right now. Hunters field dress (?) deer and leave the undesirable bits IN the river. My lovely dogs drag the bits up and crunch them in the front yard. We have discussed the placement and purpose of the different deer teeth, the make-up of hooves, and the purpose of bone marrow. So I suppose the girls get a lot of practical science! ;)
It has been an interesting year. I learn so much from other bloggers. I find great reviews of homeschool products, what homeschool really looks like and great cross stitch patterns I cannot live without. So I want to end 2008 by thanking everyone who reads my blog and all the bloggers that I follow for your encouragement, creativity and friendship. I am looking forward to spending lots of time with ya'll in the New Year!
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Rhonda said...

What a wonderful post Michele! I am really looking forward to 2009.

The RR gift certificate is a DREAM gift!! I'm sure that you will enjoy that to the fullest.

Michele, thank you for sharing your lovely family and your beautiful girls through your blog. I have enjoyed so much getting to "know" you all these past few months.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year to you. I find your blog really interesting and look forward to the entries

{ jamie } said...

I love the expression of your little one in that first photo! And um, kinda ick about the field dressing, but at least you're finding some educational value in it!

Happy New Year to you!

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