Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Royal Start

Spring is here, plants are rising from the earth, birds are making their nests, and I am starting new projects! I have been wanting to start the Papillon Creations "Mary Queen of Scots" for ages. I have a soft spot for that tragic queen. I think she had a far better claim to the the throne of England than "Good" Queen Bess! I have chosen 36 ct Edinburgh (how appropriate!) linen and DMC 498. I was very nervous about starting because I knew from the beginning I wanted to leave out the beautiful alphabet. I would love to do the border and the alphabet one day; I just think the lower half and the upper half are two stand-alone designs. JMHO. ;) The pattern contains much information about Mary as well as information to get a chart of the motto in French. I plan on using that.

Here is some random cuteness!

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Catherine said...

Great new start! Love the random cuteness!

Siobhan said...

I love your new start! Your cuties are too cute! ;)