Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carriage House Samplings Obsession

I was so sorry to hear that CHS is going to close its doors. As soon as I read that, I went through my stash (I mean, "our" stash, Mom) looking for CHS designs that I have not yet stitched. I get obsessed with one designer at a time and decide that they are the greatest artists in the whole world and I am going to stitch their entire line and nothing else! I usually get through a design or two and then rediscover another favorite genius!

I finished the creepy purple gal pictured above. I like her in a weird way. I look at her like I make myself look at writing spiders. Then I shudder and move away.

Yesterday I started "Point the Way to Heaven." I like the orange and green. Maybe it reminds me of my 1970s nursery. I need to find a picture and post it. It was yellow and orange with mushrooms. Maybe that is why I like to stitch oranges, greens and all the different browns!

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Nancy said...

I was sorry to hear this news too! It's always sad when a talented designer designs no more.

Your mermaid is beautiful! She is different, isn't she, but I have always loved this pattern.

Siobhan said...

I'm the same way... I decide that one year, I will only stitch this designer's charts, and that lasts maybe a month or two at best. I love your mermaid piece--I have that all ready to go. I love the folksy mermaids that Kathy does as opposed to a lot of others that are out there, particularly the fantasy type mermaids. Just my personal preference.

I like your new start!! Hey, your nursery sounds like mine... orange curtains with big yellow & pink & avocado flowers, etc. ;) I love Kathy's color sense. Oh, I will miss her designs.