Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Last night, when I was too tired to stitch, I embarked on my next favorite hobby which is drooling over cross stitch patterns. I love to go through patterns. Over the years, I have pilfered quite a few from my mom (you knew that, right, Mom?) I particulary like to look through the magazines from the 1980s, and note which are too dated and which should be included on my to-do-list. By the way, you realize of course that the works-in-progress list on this blog is just a sampler to show you what sort of things I like. In reality, I have an indecent number of WIP, and am often surprised when I see what I have at the bottom of my sewing basket (what am I saying? Baskets!) Well, these three patterns were the top three that I was drooling over last night. I do not in fact drool, but the pages are soft and worn with much page turning. I hope you enjoy looking at them too!


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Solstitches said...

Oh yes, I am drooling too!
These are very much to my taste.
Can I ask who is the designer of the one with the windmill and ship on it?
I absolutely love it and could easily be enabled :)