Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A couple of years ago, my grandmother and I went yo-yo crazy. My 'Mimi' is very competitive, and she would actually call me late in the evenings to tell me how many yo-yos she had just finished and check on my progress. We never finished them into anything until a few months ago. Mimi, who has always been into crochet, began making doilies with the yo-yos. I really like them. She likes to mix all the colors together, so I sorted the combinations I liked into plastic baggies for her!


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Solstitches said...

LOL, yo yo making competitions with your grandmother sound such fun.
What lovely memories to keep always.
The doiley's look wonderful.
Yo yo making is right back in fashion again :)


DaisyGirl said...

Yo yo's are such fun to make. How cool to have handmade goodies from your grandmother.

Kathy said...

What a neat idea to finish off the yo-yos. Seeing yours brings back memories of the ones that my mother loved to make.

Tanya said...

These yo-yos are terrific and I love that chair!!! Such a pretty display ~ great job and what a treat to have a memorymaking needlecraft to share with someone dear.

Mimi said...

Hi Michele,
The pictures of our work are very nice. I've been making lots of yo-yos. How many do you have made? Love,