Saturday, July 21, 2007

Special Stitches

I tend to get a bit wimpy when the chart calls for non-cross stitches. I can handle satin, eyelet, French knots and rice stitch, but the others intimidate me. This lovely Moss Creek design calls for many specialty stitches. That is why it has remained unfinished for a year. And I have finished most of them. But I just could not finish the rest. The second picture is the 'Against EverySin' that I started last Saturday. I am stuck on the fly stitched door. I like to just zip through cross stitches, but I know the special stitches are worth it in the end. I may need to host a 'finish it now' challenge. Hmmm.


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BeckySC said...

I didn't realize you had a blog :) Thanks for stopping by mine :)

I would LOVE to see these projects finished :) I know you can handle the specialty stitches :)
GO FOR IT :) :)