Monday, November 17, 2008

Am I homeschooling Nutmeg?

It is no real secret that I breastfed my children for a good long while, too long for some folks. I was told that "it is not about you." When people give me a funny look about homeschooling, I wonder if they are thinking, "it's not about you, Michele." Well, it is. They both are/were. Our family is on a journey together. It's about all of us. I teach my kids all day. I teach them when they see me reading or looking a word up in the OED. (My children think it is normal to drag out the OED in everyday conversations.) We are in it together. Take this morning for instance. I pulled over on the side of the road to get a closer look at a puffball fungus. I was fascinated. Nutmeg was not. I had to drag her out of the car in 45 degree weather and demand she look at the blackened, warty mass on the side of the road. Now that was not all about me. SHE pointed out the puffball to me earlier in the week (when it was a lovely, creamy sphere atop the dewey grass.) She asked what it was, I researched, and I told her. I told her over its wizened, rotten-looking corpse. But she started it.



Rhonda said...

You've hit upon the very heart of homeschooling: it is a way of life. Love the science/nature study moment! You never know when those are going to happen. (And she started it,lol!)

Margaret said...

Yes, well she started it. And believe me one day she will thank you for what you've taught her