Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Post 2

Here are my brother's Rice Creepies with my Halloween Tree.

I wonder how many candy wrappers are hiding in the bushes!

Be sure to check out the next post for more Halloween fun!

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Rhonda said...

It looks like you all had a fabulous, fun family time! It looks like you had beautiful weather too.
All of the kids look adorable! :)

monique said...

Great pics! The Rice Creepies are so cute... Elizabeth wants to now if you have a recipie :) I think I can see what everything is, but what did you use for the green leaves?

Anonymous said...

I finally found a way. What would I do without you michelle? everything is just perfect. Beautiful. I love you

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot Love mims

Anonymous said...

Monique, the green leaves are made from icing in a tube.
Grenae (Michele's mom)

Sherri said...

I enjoyed all of your Halloween pictures. It looks like you all had a blast!! It looks like you love decorating for Halloween. My daughter wishes that I would do more. I'll go all out for Christmas, but have never done very much for Halloween/Fall. Maybe I should try harder next year! They did carve their pumpkins. They are on the deck in desperate need of being carried off right now :).