Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I really have been neglecting my blog. And my cross stitch. I got sucked into the Facebook, or Crackbook, vortex about a week ago. I have been reconnecting with people from high school, college and my brief stint in grad school. I have become addicted to "Flair," which are virtual buttons with catchy sayings like the buttons I used to pin on my jean jacket all those years ago. I have realized the problem is not that those friends are more interesting than my friends in the blogosphere, but rather it is easier to write a one-liner than a thought out blog post. After all, homeschool folks have looked at a grammar book recently. But I do miss my pretty blog and looking at everyone else's. So , I'm back.

The big event this week was Nutmeg falling from a foot bridge into a little side creek at the river. She fell because our insane dog rushed across the foot bridge at the same time. She was uninjured and fell into mud instead of rock. She fell about 5', and we were so traumetized, no one has mentioned Madeline's fictional fall from the bridge! I am happy to know that my mommy instincts are genuine, and I really will jump in after my child to save her. Even if the water is cold and the muddy bottom suspicious! Haven't you had those mommy fantasies in which calamity strikes and suddenly you have superpowers? Or at least suddenly know martial arts? ;)

It's good to be back.



~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Now you need an additional piece of flair (although I know you have one similar):

"I'm a mom! What's your superpower?"

Rhonda said...

My goodness! Those mother bear instincts really do come into play don't they? I am so glad that she is okay! :)
I have missed you-I'm glad you're back!

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Mom to the rescue :o) Glad she was OK! How scared she must have been.


Margaret said...

Aah! I am pleased you are back. Missed your blogging. Pleased Nutmeg is safe!