Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cross Stitch Finishes - Almost

I am feeling better this week, and I am recovering from bronchitis. Recovery takes a lot longer when you are taking care of two sick little girls! I pulled my stitching back out in hopes of having some ornaments actually on the tree this year! Unfortunately, the theme this week seems to have been "Missing One Thread From Each Design!" The above design is Sleigh Sampler by Jen Hoffman. I downloaded it at PatternMart. I actually have all the threads, but I just cannot decide on the date and initials.
Next I went on another periodic "Mary Beale Is the Greatest Designer Ever And I Am Going to Stitch Every Chart She Designed" spurt. I love the way she combines colors. The above design is from a Family Christmas chart. I actually found the missing color late, late last night, but stopped short of finishing because I thought my stitches were looking messy.
The next design came from Mary Beale's Pocketbook Needlework 2000. In that booklet, she gives a series of advent ornaments. I have been saying for years (8?) that I am going to stitch them all. Well, I finally made a start. I am missing one pale blue that I hope will come in the mail today. The design is tiny and simple and elegant all at once. I would like to do all the Old Testament stories that are in the Advent series and use them somewhere in the schoolroom year-round. I just wonder if I should leave it as is, or backstitch "Moses" underneath? Any opinions?
The last design is a Carriage House Samplings ornament from Just Cross Stitch. I seem to be missing a few JCS ornament editions. Mom? ;) I finished this last night all except for DMC 3371 which I know I have! I love this design and the color combination is my current favorite! It is really small, but I would love to make a pillow or something with it to keep in the living room year-round.

Well, that's all, but tomorrow is the Christmas Party at the Stacy Nash Primitive Cross Stitch Yahoo Group! I cannot wait!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Mary Beale's. Have you been hiding stash from me???
xoxo Mom

Rhonda said...

Those are beautiful! You do such nice handiwork.