Friday, December 12, 2008

The Dish Everyone Ate.

Tonight, everyone ate the same dinner! I know that is the idea, but it rarely happens around here. We require the girls to eat a few bites of whatever Jerry and I are eating, but it is just easier on my nerves to give the girls a scrambled egg or vegetable soup. I borrowed a recipe from Tanya's,( of the Honeysuckle Tree), cooking blog. I steamed broccoli, cooked butterfly pasta, shredded parmesan, and made a reduction (doesn't that sound fancy?) of vegetable stock and white wine. I added a splash of olive oil just because. The girls ate it! Then I said, "Wow! I cannot remember the last time we all ate the same thing!" Suddenly the girls said it was "soupy" and "yucky." Too bad. No backsies!


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At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Ah, isn't it nice when everyone eats the same meal? That rarely happens at our house; Ben is soooo picky still but he does love pasta. Glad your dinner was a hit!