Saturday, June 13, 2009

Always time to stitch!!

This has been a crazy weekend already! Today, we celebrated Buttercup's 5th birthday with a pool party. I am completely exhausted! I did manage to work on and finish a few things in the past few days. The first is an old freebie from Sheepish Designs named "Here, Kitty Kitty." I added some different stitches and took out some windows. The next design I freehanded inspired by Mary Jenkins book, "House and Garden Samplers." There are not any actual charts in the book except for a few house outlines, but the photos are inspiring.
And this Shepherd's Bush design is waiting for buttons. I may try to stitch a bit on Adam Alone today, so I can move on to the next item in my rotation. Not that the rotation stops me from working on and starting other designs that catch my fancy! I am so tired - will I be able to watch BritComs tonight?

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Anonymous said...

These are all fantastic! I love the freehand design so much. Fabulous.

Jennifer said...

The intricate stitching in this piece is amazing and beautiful!